archipelago Are you looking for an agent making everything easy,
reliable and predictable, handling all your vessel's
matters and services in United Arab Emirates ???


The Company is completely independent and one of the most reputed, leading and reliable shipping agencies in United Arab Emirates. It is primarily aimed to provide pure and complete ship agency services to ship owners, charterers and managers with high quality of service and expertise attuned to the reality which we live and work.

With our strategic office locations close to the commercial ports and its terminals throughout United Arab Emirates, we are able to respond quickly and effectively to issues involving your crew and your cargo. Our offices are just minutes to go from port main gates and close to the office of Port Authorities.

The Company managed by an experienced team of qualified, dedicated shipping professionals and equipped with the latest information technology, is able to work around the clock to ensure that operations run smoothly at all ports in U.A.E.

We are partners with you, Looking after shipping interests every minute of the day and actively focused in bringing innovative and cost effective to your operations.


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